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From bone trinkets used to ward off enemies, to ancient Egyptian bracelets believed to identify the wearer in the afterlife, to the portrait lockets of Queen Victoria, charms have been part of human expression since the Neolithic age.

Our customers have been asking TierraCast to make more charms for years. The new Storyteller Collection is our answer. Hitting three popular themes (western, fantasy and pirate), these quality crafted pewter parts put the "charming" into charms.

A few things about the Storyteller Collection:

Artisan craftsmanship: Our new charms, like the rest of our lead free pewter components, were lovingly designed to be a cut above costume jewelry. Quality is key to all our products.

Timeless Categories: We chose pirate, fantasy and western themes for our new collection because each has a strong place in the cultural imagination and should be useful and fresh for many years to come.

Always Double-sided: Unless we're modeling something without a back normally (like our Sheriff's Badge), our charms are designed to be visually interesting from either side.

More to Follow: TierraCast recognizes that there are countless possibilities when it comes to charms, so expect new quality charms in the future. Better still, why not send us your favorite charm ideas?