Crimp Ends ~

Our exciting new Crimp Ends were created to offer an alternative to ribbon crimps. Decorative and versatile - choose from three sizes to finish loomed pieces, beadwork, and multi-strand designs. The openings can be widened or narrowed to fit your materials. Crimp to hold, or use adhesive for more delicate materials or for additional security. 

Palace Crimp Ends - approximately 12mm wide

Crescent Crimp Ends - approximately 15mm wide

Marrakesh Crimp Ends - approximately 18.5mm wide, two-sided for versatility!

We loved, loved, loved working with these! Loomwork, tassels, and multi-strand cords all gave us winning jewelry designs.

The generous opening was designed to hold beadwork made of up to size 8 seed beads or about 2-4mm of other materials. Of course, we tried them on our own  Leather Strap, too!

And look what the amazing Diane Fitzgerald did with them! We sent her some samples and she worked up this gorgeous design using CzechMates (made with CzechMates Ring Beads and 3 Hole Beam Beads)

Our design team had a great time working on these. It pushed them creatively, broke new ground in production, and fired up the imagination to see what materials could be used. We hope they inspire you, too!

Check out our Crimp End demo and project video!

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Crescents Loomed Bracelet

Marrakesh Fan Earrings

Marrakesh Necklace