Stitch-in Connector ~

When Danielle Wickes approached us with another stitch-in idea Alan was intrigued to say the least. What she had been pondering was a component that could be stitched into a seed bead design that could then be connected to a button. The two of them put their considerable technical brains together and the result is this humble, yet brilliant, soon to be indispensable component for bead workers.

Introducing the Stitch-in Connector!

The  Stitch-in Connector (94-3232) comes in four finishes and, like our previous stitch-in components, is made to work perfectly alongside size 8 seed beads. The roomy loop fits 1.5mm cord easily, and will also fit the more slender 2mm cords. Danielle was hugely instrumental in the development of this part and tested it as we went along, using different bead sizes and stitches. Read on for her findings! 

All designs by Danielle Wickes

LOOM - Work the Stitch-in Connector vertically anywhere in the loomwork design to attach charms, buttons and other closures.

SQUARE STITCH —Square stitch can be expanded in any direction so orientation of the Stitch-in Connector will depend on your design!

HERRINGBONE—Stitch-in components can be worked horizontally into the pattern of both odd count and wider pieces of even count herringbone stitch. (For even count, use two connectors for a double closure solution.)

PEYOTE —For even count peyote the Stitch-in will be off center, which is not a problem in the adorable, random patterned bracelet on the right. If you're a fan of symmetry and prefer odd count peyote the connector can be worked into the center of your design.


In Danielle's words these parts "are a breeze to use. They have a 'made for it' look in loomed and square stitched pieces, with plenty of other design possibilities!" We're so happy Danielle came to us with the idea and love how she ran with it and created so many examples to inspire us and you!

Check out the quick little demo she created using Herringbone stitch ~

Watch Danielle's demo of Peyote and Herrringbone stitches in our Fall 2020 Additions review video. Demo starts about 7 minutes in!

Learn more about our original Stitch-in components in our demo and project video ~

Yours in jewelry making adventure,

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