DIY: Brick-stitch Technique ~

Brick-stitch is hot right now! Single rows, multiple rows, varieties of bead types - we're seeing people beading around shapes to make incredibly rich designs. With all of this beady creativity happening we are really excited about our new Hammertone Stitch-around Hoops and Teardrops. 

The hoops come in two sizes and have a bead accent at the loop. They are fabulous for embellishing on the outside and the inside.

Hammertone 15mm Stitch-around Hoops

Hammertone 18mm Stitch-around Hoops

The teardrops are an update of a classic TierraCast shape. Also available in two sizes, the elongated loop at the top allows for easy attachment to bails or ear wires, with room for adding embellishments on the inside of the teardrops as well.

Hammertone 17x24mm Stitch-around Teardrop

Hammertone 20x30mm Stitch-around Teardrop

Here's a tutorial video showing how to make a single row of brick-stitch around a Stitch-around Hoop. You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is!

Did you miss the information about the Hammertone product launch? Click here to read all about it and watch the introduction video. 


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