DIY Basics: Crimp Bead Tutorial ~

Using crimp beads is a terrific way to securely finish the ends of your stringing projects resulting in a professionally crafted piece without untidy knots or glue. Add a crimp cover over the crimp bead to leave no trace of the mechanics - only the beauty of your work will show!

TierraCast crimp beads are 2mm long seamless tubes with a wall thickness that is sturdy enough for a secure grip that won’t crack and peel, while still being malleable enough to work without a herculean hand grip. For the best results, use a specialized crimping tool as shown in this short, instructive video.

See products demonstrated in this video on our  Findings page, or do a search for "crimp" in the Themes drop-down menu. 

You may also want to browse TierraCast’s findings for  toggle clasps demonstrated in the video.


Looking for designs to practice with? Here are just a few projects from our website that use the crimping technique. 


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