DIY: Crimping with TierraCast Barrel Beads ~

Did you know that although pewter is strong it is soft enough to crimp? TierraCast created our first crimpable bead in 2012 but our customers are still surprised to learn that we have components that crimp!

Crimping opens the door to more designing options especially when working with leather cord and other thicker materials. Whether you want to wrangle multiple cords or neatly finish the ends of your projects, our crimpable components are just the thing. Simply use flat nose pliers, nylon jaw pliers, or even a hammer and bench block and a little pressure and voilà, your item is gorgeously secured!

Watch this video for a hands on demonstration, then let your imagination go!

To see all of our crimpable products search "crimpable" or barrel beads on our website. This technique also works wonderfully with our crimpable end caps


Looking for designs to practice with? Here are just a few projects from our website that use the crimping technique.


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