DIY Basics: Jump Ring Tutorial ~

Using jump rings in jewelry making is a technique that’s about as basic as it comes! Despite that – newcomers and even more experienced makers don’t always know the right way to open and close them. Watch this video for a demonstration of the correct technique, and other things the technique applies to as well.

For the best results, use two pair of pliers as shown.

Jump rings are crucial connectors, and  TierraCast Jump Rings come in a variety of gauges and sizes - we are sure to have the perfect one for your project!

Measuring Up: The aspect ratio of a round jump ring is used by chainmaille artists to determine which jump rings will work for specific weaves. To determine the AR of any jump ring divide the inner dimension of the jump ring by the wire diameter. 
(Inner Diameter / Wire Diameter = Aspect Ratio)

See products demonstrated in this video on our  Findings page, or do a search for Jump Rings in the Themes drop-down menu.


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