Finishing Touches: New Product ~

Final details or actions that complete or enhance a piece of work

This inspired collection of components offers stunning solutions for finishing your pieces, thoughtfully designed to play well with existing motifs. Beautiful & Functional!

We are very excited to bring you ~ Finishing Touches!

This inspired and functional collection of components offers stunning solutions for finishing your pieces. Whether you glue, crimp, or stitch, this group of parts will work with a wide variety of materials and dazzle with sophisticated simplicity. All were created with dedication to quality and the intention to work with our existing design motifs. Beautiful!

A big wow is we now have  Pewter Cord Ends that we cast right here in the USA! It took us a “minute” to figure out how to do it, but we did and they are magnificent. The two 2mm versions are crimpable, pass it on.

Our exciting new  Crimp Ends were created to offer an alternative to ribbon crimps. Decorative and versatile - choose from three sizes to finish loomed pieces, beadwork, and multi-strand designs. The openings can be widened or narrowed to fit your materials. Crimp to hold, or use adhesive for more delicate materials or for additional security.

The  Stitch-in and Glue-in components were specifially designed with seed beads and shaped beads in mind! The stitch-in link and magnetic clasp provide endings for beadwork pieces, and the glue-in beaded rope cap is an innovative way to finish beaded ropes of different bead sizes and stitches.

Design motifs - the  Palace components are hammered and distressed for subtle, understated elegance. TempleCrescent and Marrakesh feature an exquisite etched sensibility that plays perfectly with our Caravan components. The Rope pattern with its twists and coils offers a classic option for more gender neutral designs. All products are offered in four finishes, Silver, Gold, Copper and Brass plate.

We hope they inspire you!

Learn more about these new parts here:  About Stitch-insAbout Crimp EndsAbout Beaded Rope Caps


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