Happy Go Lucky: 2018 Mini Collection Series - September ~

The components in this fortuitous collection are representations of time-honored symbols for luck, prosperity, protection, renewal and good fortune. After all, who couldn't use a lucky charm now and then?

Customers have asked us for Evil Eye charms many times over the years and we are happy to present this motif in a Swarovski friendly charm and a link. They are designed to fit Swarovski SS20 flat back crystals, with an alternative design on the reverse side. They will be available both pre-glued with Metallic Blue crystals, and empty – ready for your choice of crystal color! Along with these we present a gorgeously rendered Ganesh Charm and Beckoning Kitty Charm, and a cute Lotus Petal Drop and Dotted Spacer Bead. All parts are available in Antique Silver, Antique Gold, and Brass Oxide.

Read on for the stories of these symbols!

Maneki Neko: The Tale of the Beckoning Cat
In a small Japanese village, a poor monk and his cat Tama live a simple life at the Kotoku Monastery. One day, a great storm passes through the village, and Tama is caught in the rain outside the temple. She waits under the eaves of a small shrine, cleaning her face and whiskers as best she can with her paw. A noble samurai is also passing through, and stops his horse under the cover of a large tree. But through the rain, what does he see? A cat with a raised paw, beckoning him forward?

Curious, the samurai urges his horse forward. Just then, a bolt of lightning flashes and strikes the tree behind him, splitting it in two. The beckoning cat has saved his life. In his gratitude, the samurai brings riches to the small temple and the monk, who shares his wealth with the village.

So goes the Japanese legend of Maneki Neko, the beckoning cat. And to this day, the cat with raised paw beckoning guests is a symbol of good luck and good fortune in many Asian countries.

Ganesha or Ganesh
The elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha, or Ganesh, is a popular diety in Hinduism, and one of the most worshipped. He is a god of wisdom, success and good luck, and is also seen as the remover of obstacles and difficulties. For example, before occupying a new house or starting a new business, people may worship Ganesh for good luck.

Evil Eye
Despite its presence as a popular fashion trend in the US, the Evil Eye is taken extremely seriously in cultures across the globe. Rooted in numerous ancient civilizations, it’s believed that a person can curse someone with misfortune, illness, or death by casting a malevolent glare. Believers in the evil eye have fashioned amulets of an eye which is meant to deflect evil intentions. Worn as a protection to the wearer, the eye shaped pendants are sometimes called a Nazar, coming from the Arabic word meaning “sight.”

" Luck is believing you're lucky."
~~-Tennessee Williams 


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