Announcing Improvements to our Head Pins, Eye Pins and Jump Rings ~

Supply chain disruptions continue to assert changes in our manufacturing processes and product offerings. Happily, in this case the disruptions resulted in a superior product and greater uniformity!

The products affected are our Eye Pins, Head Pins and some of our Copper Jump Rings. Read on for details!

Head Pins & Eye Pins - Due to circumstances they most likely couldn't control our vendor source for our 21 gauge (and 22 gauge copper) items was no longer able to produce them, so we went in search of a new source. We were thrilled when we found one who could do the same quality (or better) but in the much preferred and often requested thinner 22 gauge wire! They are beautifully made and much nicer to work with compared to our previous 21g products and just as nice as the previous 22g copper HP. Other significant improvements are that the heads on the new head pins are slightly domed, and the eyes on the new eye pins are slightly rounder, which really elevates the finished look!

Jump Rings – Most of our excellent quality jump rings are made of brass wire and plated to our full range of finishes. However, three of our seven styles were made of solid copper wire. Due to difficulty in obtaining that wire, we are switching these over to brass in a plated copper finish to match the rest of the styles. This is great in terms of consistency!

We're excited about these upgrades and hope you find this information useful! See all products in these finding categories at the links below:

Head Pins

Eye Pins

Jump Rings

Yours in jewelry making adventure,