Heart Bezel Possibilities ~

Love is in the Air! Use our Heart Bezels to celebrate, commemorate, and show your love.

Heart Bezels filled with various glitters and resins, and epoxy clay and chatons

We love our Heart Bezels! Our pre-glued options are ideal for quick, easy and elegant jewelry. The sweet Delicate Bridal Necklace is perfect for a beautiful bride this wedding season.

Delicate Bridal Necklace Project

And what about the rest of the bridal party? These Faux-tastic Druzy Earrings would be dazzling accessories for the bridesmaids. They are made with glass glitter, which comes in a wide variety of colors!

Faux-tastic Druzy Earrings Project

These bezels are also wonderful for showing your love at special occasions like graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries. Pair them with Alphabet CharmsNumber Charms, and meaningful symbol charms for personalized gifts. (Use our Wire Bracelets for super-easy designing, and for those graduations add school or team colors!)

Endlesslessly personalizable!

The faux druzy technique can be used with a wide variety of materials. Check out the Independence Day Earrings we created for the 4th of July* holiday using size 11 seed beads! (*Or Flag Day, or Memorial Day, or Veterans Day...)

Independence Day Earrings Project

They were so fun and easy - just beads and Diamond Glaze (or UV resin, or two part epoxy).

Independence Day Earrings Ingredients

Find all of these projects at the links below, including a downloadable pdf with detailed instructions for the faux druzy technique on the Faux-tastic Druzy Earrings page.

Enjoy, and here's to creating with love!

Inspiration projects

Delicate Bridal Necklace

Faux-tastic Druzy Earrings

Independence Day Earrings