JADE: 2018 Mini Collection Series - October ~

Vintage Chinese artwork has been popular in the Western world for decades, and for good reason. This collection draws from the powerful traditional symbolism of mythical flora, fauna and folklore that is depicted in tiny sculptural pieces of art. The Jade Dragon is one of the most cherished mythical creatures in Asian culture, a snake-like animal who has auspicious powers of strength and good luck.

This collection includes a beautifully rendered two sided Dragon Coin Pendant, Chinese Lu Charm, intricately carved Koi Link, a revival of our Butterfly Link, and a tiny whimsical Dragon Bead! All are rich with symbolism described below.

Read on for the stories of these symbols!

Koi: a symbol of independent strength
Koi are much revered in both Japan and China, celebrated as creatures that embody many noble qualities. Known for swimming against the current, Koi represent the values of ambition, strength and perseverance.

Lu: a symbol of prosperity and influence
The Lu is one of the traditional Chinese auspicious symbols. Representing prosperity, rank and influence, the Lu is always depicted in a circle in reference to a coin, reinforcing its link to wealth.

Dragons: legendary creatures in East Asian culture
East Asian Dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology, seen as lucky, gentle and wise. Typically depicted as snake-like with 4 legs, they have auspicious powers, controlling water and rain. During the age of Imperial China, the emperor was always depicted as a dragon, much loved and revered.

Clouds: between heaven and earth
In Chinese tradition, dragons are believed to create clouds with their breath. Clouds bring life giving rain to the earth and represent celestial mobility as many gods used the clouds to travel through the sky.

Butterfly: symbols of love
Chinese legend has it that the Butterfly symbolizes the bond between lovers, especially young lovers. Butterflies are commonly shown seeking flowers, symbolizing a young person’s quest for love and romance.


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