After School Stretch Bracelets ~

We just finished up a really fun year of monthly jewelry making visits to the after-school programs at some of our Santa Rosa schools. This adventure came about because we wanted to do something to give back to our community. It seemed best to work with what we know, so jewelry making was a no-brainer. We got in touch with our local Boys & Girls Club and we were off and running!

Actually, there were a few hoops to jump through - such as finger-printing, background checking, TB testing, and orientations, but - after all of that was done we were off and running!

Happy Jewelry Makers

Our age groups were primary grades up to middle school, so we chose a project that anyone could do. We gathered up some colorful 8mm acrylic beads,  opposed loop symbol charmsspacers and 1mm stretch cord and organized it all into a portable and easy-to-set-up classroom kit.

Easy Colorful Stretch Bracelets

In the kits we included our  HeartPawFat BirdTreeNorth Star, and Triple Spiral Charms, and 5mm Beaded and 5mm Disk Spacers.

The Paw Charm was a Favorite!

Our classrooms always varied, depending on how many kids and what kind of furniture was available. This one was a perfect set up for 16 kids.

Classroom Set-up

We especially loved the classroom we used at the last school visit of the year. They called it the Maker Space and it was full of inspiring messages!

The two lines that are hard to read said "We Solve" and "We Reflect". Loved it!

We'll definitely repeat this project next year. It was a wonderful collaboration with the Sonoma County Boys & Girls Clubs and our schools, and it was a treat to teach kids some basic jewelry making. Try this idea the next time you find yourself surrounded by a gaggle of children and want to turn them into makers!

Yours in jewelry making adventure,


Click below for all the info and a downloadable instruction sheet.


Colorful Stretch Bracelets