The Psychology of Colors ~

Welcome to the August installment of Swarovski's Psychology of Colors!

This month's hue is soft, sweet Rose Water Opal. We think it inspires feminine, delicate jewelry ideas, and the name got us thinking - how would it play with our Rose Gold Ear Wires?

We happened to have some Rose Water Opal Pear Fancy Stones and Briolette Beads in the house, so we got out some Beaded Pear Bezels in rhodium, and assorted Bead Caps in copper to use along with the Rose Gold Ear Wires. We think it all worked very nicely. Read on for more on this month's color, and links!

  • Resembles similar qualities of the pink opal which is the hardest opal in existence, representing the endless strength of women.
  • August 9th celebrates National Women’s Day which truly embodies Rose Water Opal evoking sensitivity, femininity, sophistication and sincerity.
  • Swarovski's translucent Rose Water Opal crystal beads convey warmth and tenderness with a comforting inner glow that radiates femininity.

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