The Psychology of Colors ~

Welcome to the December installment of Swarovski's Psychology of Colors. This month's hue is passionate, energetic Ruby! 

We love this color, and we love how Swarovski Pear (6106) and Baroque (6090) pendants fit in our Trefoil and Teardrop pendants. The combination inspired these elegant, slightly edgy earrings that will be a knockout at any holiday celebration!

For this idea we used: Trefoil Pendants, Teardrop Pendants, SS39 Chaton Bezels, 2.5mm Embossed Cable Chain, and Niobium Ear Wires.

And if you ask us where we got that cool, sparkly faux suede lace we'll happily tell you we got it from our friend Stephanie Harrell at Bead Artistry. (

  • December is the most EXCITING time of year which is exactly what the ruby represents.
  • It is the time of year where love fills the air and the passion for tradition and family resonates within everyone.
  • The Ruby was the first gemstone ever found in East Africa.
  • The first documented discovery of the ruby was by an English mineralogist who stated that an ostrich found it.