The Psychology of Colors ~

Welcome to the October installment of Swarovski's Psychology of Colors!

This month's hue is calming and confident Sapphire. We've had Pinch Bails on our minds lately, so we paired them with some Swarovski pendants in this beautiful shade!

Swarovski Classic Cut, Princess Cut, and Heart Cut Pendants

We used our Royal and Nouveau Pinch Bails with the 10-11mm stones, and Small Hammertone, Botanical Birds and Spiral Pinch Bails with the larger versions. Gorgeous!

  • Sapphires were first found in the US in 1865 by gold prospectors in the Missouri River in Montana therefore named the Treasure State.
  • These sapphires were the first sapphires found in USA that were of gem-quality.
  • The word “Sapphire” is derived from the word “Sapphirus” which means blue in Greek language.
  • A gift of Sapphire conveys loyalty and trust which helps cement a friendship or relationship of love.

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