Announcing: the Complete TierraCast Design Library ~

Special Orders Available for our Wholesale Customers!

Non-stock parts shown: Large-hole bead caps including 14mm Spiral 94-5739, 14mm Rivet 94-5740, and 7mm Classic 94-5721, and 3/4" Bead Bar 94-2240

What’s Old is New Again!

Did we stop making one of your favorite designs? Are you looking for something specific or unusual to offer your customers? Check out our complete Design Library to see all the cast designs we have ever made! 

Since 1978 we have developed over 2000 unique cast pewter, copyrighted components, only a fraction of which are included in our current catalog and website. All of these parts are now available for you to peruse in this new archive! This internal document includes a snapshot of every design created by us over the last 45 years. Parts are depicted mostly as line drawings and are not shown actual size. If a "non-stock" item is available for reproduction, they can be made special for you with a $250 minimum per part. Lead times vary from 4-8 weeks depending on your choice of finish. Scroll through this treasure trove of design inspiration to find something truly special!

If you see something you are interested in, send an email to with the part number and description of the item(s). We will check our masters and molds and get back to you with more information - availability, a picture of the actual master, size, price and lead-time.

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  • We are wholesale only. To order you will need to provide your active business tax ID or reseller permit number, along with your business name and contact info.
  • Non-stock orders require $250.00 per part (one design, one finish).
  • Any of our finishes can be requested. Our #1 recommendation is the natural -40 Antiqued Pewter finish, our fastest, most economical and ecofriendly option.
  • Generally speaking, lead times are as follows: Black and Pewter = 2 weeks, Silver, Copper, Gold, White Bronze = 4 weeks, and Brass = 8 weeks.
  • Prepayment is required, and all sales are final.

Inspiration projects from the Archives

We've always enjoyed designing with our components and these designs using non-stock parts are oldies, but goodies. Enjoy!

Non-stock parts shown: 3/4" E Hook  94-6193

Non-stock parts shown: Cherries 94-2301, Pin Up 94-2308

Non-stock parts shown: Wizard 94-2278, Castle 94-2266, Knight 94-2291

Non-stock parts shown: 20mm Slotted D Ring Clasp Set 94-6191

Non-stock parts shown: Clock Clasp Set  94-6167, 6mm Crown Spacer 93-0446

Non-stock parts shown: Pirate 94-2264, Clipper Ship 94-2265, Treasure Map 94-2268, Piece of Eight 94-2269, Pirate Skull 94-2285

Non-stock parts shown: 1" Hammertone Disk 94-3148 (modified with metal hole punching pliers and patinas)

Non-stock parts shown: Drilled Hammertone Cross 94-3150, Rock & Roll 10mm Strap Tip 94-3159

We hope you enjoy this look through the archives, and we look forward to working together to make something special for you! 

Yours in jewelry making adventure,

KEYWORDS: fairy, princess, prince, coffee, mug, mushroom, pinup, tattoo, cherry, pirate, ship, coin, moon, star, celtic, wolf, cherub, angel, lily, sunflower, dahlia, petroglyph, prayer, lizard, parrot, goat, horse, eagle, bighorn, buffalo, bison, lightning, lightbulb, piggy bank, airplane, burger, car, sundae, ice cream, salt & pepper, house, orca, humpback, whale, puffin, duck, bunny, treasure, map, wizard, lamp, aladdin, saddle, carriage, pegasus, guitaro, catrina, senor, senorita, coffin, victorian, santa, st. nick, gingerbread, snowman, frosty, rocking horse, gravestone, zombie, ghost, jack o'lantern, witch, hashtag, greek, bone, doghouse, arrow, thunderbird, dragon, beckoning, puma, sundial, lock, escutcheon, bamboo, breathe, rooster, poppy, skull, hexagonal, man in the moon, green man, celtic triad, bamboo hoop, angel on dolphin, alaska, poker, blackjack, art deco, winery, grapes, simple cross, barbie shoe, high heel shoe, barbie purse, squirrel, rabbit, cottagecore, abalone, picture frame, fantasy, mythical, magic, fairytale, unicorn, day of the dead, gothic, sorority, fraternity, pagan, celts, byzantine, cougar, wildcat, viking