The Story of TierraCast Ear Wires ~

Ear wires are a large part of our history and believe it or not they actually predate our pewter production! When famed SF designer and artist Laurel Burch approached Steven Tierra about casting her designs in Silver and Bronze, she also asked for ear wires to go with them. She brought her artist sensibility and designer eye to the table requesting superior quality and distinctive design. That was 1978 and from the very beginning our ear wires were designed to elevate the jewelry they were part of. All of our ear wires are made in the US with a generous amount of 20 gauge wire, there is nothing skimpy about them. Every wire is barrel tumbled to create smooth finished ends leaving no sharp corners to irritate ears. They really are the best ear wires available anywhere and consistently dominate the top of our best seller lists.

We have 3 signature shapes to choose from –

TierraCast Earwire Types

And eight finish options -

  • Silver & Gold: Sterling SilverSilver FilledGold FilledRose Gold
  • Niobium: Gray, Black, Copper & Brass. Niobium is extremely hypoallergenic and is perfect for those with metal sensitivities. Color is achieved by anodization and does not alter the hypoallergenic properties. 

And over 50 assembled varieties -

Or an endless amount of design options with our add-a-bead blanks!

See all of our ear wire offerings here

Whether you want the simplicity of loop only styles, the glamour of designs with Swarovski, a myriad of metal component options or you want to create your own statement with our “add a bead” blank styles, we’ve got you covered. Check out our video for more information!