Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 2    Hammertone 17x24mm Stitch-around Teardrop    (94-2562-61)

  • 2    French Hook Ear Wires w/ 3mm Bead, SS    (90-1120-02)
  • 2    Hammertone Dagger Beads    (94-5855-61)
  • 2    Head Pin 21 Gauge 2”    (01-0028-01)
  • 2    Round Jump Ring 20 gauge 4mm    (01-0024-01)
  • 2    Round jump ring 19 gauge 5.5mm    (01-0025-01)
  • 2    Two colors of Size 11 (11/0) Round Seed Beads, Color A (white) and Color B (turquoise)
  • 2    Two colors of Size 8 (8/0) Round Seed Beads, Color C (pearlized turquoise) and D (white)
  • 14    3x4mm faceted Czech glass rondelle beads (turquoise)
  • 2    8mm faceted Czech glass round beads (turquoise)
  • Fireline 4lb beading thread, or preferred thread


  • thread cutters
  • beading needle
  • chain and/or flat nose pliers (2)
  • beading mat
  • optional: thread burner

Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Size: Approx. 2 1/2" 

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Beaded Teardrop Earrings PDF


Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for Jump Rings, Simple Loops and Brick Stitch)

Tip: The first row around is a pattern of 11/0 and 8/0 seed beads, and the next is added on top of the first row by brick stitch through the bead and around the component again for extra strength. Keep thread tension firm throughout.


1. Cut 35” of beading thread. Leaving a 6” tail to weave in later, thread the tail end through the loop at the top of the teardrop component and secure with a double knot. Position knot on top of the component. (Fig 1)


Fig 1


2. Pick up two 11/0 seed beads in color A and bring them down to the knot. Pass your needle behind the component and through the top loop of the teardrop component, then up through the second seed bead added. (Fig 2)


Fig 2


3. Pick up one 11/0 bead. Pass needle behind the teardrop component, through the top loop, and up through the 11/0 bead just added. Pull tight, and the new bead will sit snuggly next to the others. This is basic brick stitch onto a component. (Fig 3)


Fig 3


4. Repeat Step 3 four more times, working in the large opening of the component as opposed the top loop, for a total of seven 11/0 beads. (Fig 4)


Fig 4


5. Continue brick stitch in the following pattern. When you reach the last three 11/0 beads, stitch them into the top loop of the component as shown: three 8/0 Beads in Color C, one 8/0 bead in Color D. seven 8/0 beads in Color C, one 8/0 bead in Color D, three 8/0 beads in Color C, seven 11/0 beads in Color A – remember to stitch the last three into the top loop. (Fig 5)


Fig 5


6. Second Row: Pick up two 11/0 beads in Color B. Stitch down towards the teardrop component through the second Row 1 bead, loop around the component through the top loop, and come back up through the Row 1 bead and the second Row 2 bead just added. (Fig 6) Pull tight.


Fig 6


7. *Pick up one 11/0 Color B bead. Stitch through the third Row 1 bead, and loop around the component, through the top loop, then back up through the Row 1 bead and the  Color B bead just added*. Repeat * through * eight more 11/0 Color B beads and one 8/0 Color D bead. (Fig 7)



Fig 7


8. Continue the brick stitch technique to add five 3x4mm Czech glass rondelle beads. (Fig 8)



Fig 8


9. Dagger embellishment: with your thread exiting in the Step 8 position, pick up one 11/0 Color B, one 8/0 Color C, one dagger bead, one 8/0 Color C, and one 11/0 Color B. Stitch through the third rondelle added, through the 8/0 Color C below it, around the component, then stitch through all the beads, including those in the dagger embellishment. Next stitch through the last rondelle added, the 8/0 Color C below it, and around the component. Come back up through the 8/0 bead and the rondelle bead. (Fig 9) Pull tight. Repeat stitch path for reinforcement.



Fig 9


10. Continue brick stitch in the following pattern: two Czech glass rondelles, one 8/0 Color D, eleven 11/0 Color B.



Fig 10


11. To weave in thread, stitch back through the second to last 11/0 bead added, form a half-hitch knot, and weave through the beads following the thread path. Trim thread. Repeat with tail.

12. String 8mm bead onto head pin. Bend wire over at top of bead and form a simple loop. Trim excess wire. Open the loop and attach to the inside of the teardrop component at the top loop. (Fig 11) Close loop.



Fig 11


13. Attach the larger (5.5mm) jump ring to the top of the teardrop component loop. Close jump ring. Attach the smaller jump ring (4mm) to the top of the 5.5mm jump ring and attach the ear wire, then close.

14. Repeat all steps for second earring.