Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 2    Concho Crimp End    (94-3237-18)
  • 2    Niobium Ear Wire, Grey 2mm Copper Bead   (90-5120-23)
  • 2    Oval Jump Ring 20ga 3x2mm ID    (01-0016-08)
  • 2    Head Pin 2", 24ga    (01-0029-08)
  • 6"   Embossed Brass Cable 2.5mm Chain   (20-1525-18)
  • 2    Gemstone Nugget Bead 5-6mm (Turquoise shown)
  • 60"   3mm Nubuck or Split Suede Lace (Leather Cord USA Nubuck Red Brown shown)
  • 24 gauge craft wire, copper


  • chain nose pliers 
  • flat nose, nylon jaw, or parallel pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • flush cutters
  • 5" card for wrapping
  • jeweler's adhesive (optional)

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: Approx. 5"

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Concho Fringe Earrings PDF

Watch the Demo Video: Concho Fringe Earrings Jewelry Making Demo

Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for Wrapped Loops and Jump Rings).

Tip: When wrapping wire keep the loop at the center of the tassel, pinching wires down as you work.*


  1. Cut chain into two 3" pieces. Set aside.
  2. String 1 gemstone bead onto 1 head pin. Form a wrapped loop, trimming excess wire. Repeat. Set aside.
  3. Cut one 8" piece of craft wire. Use round nose pliers to make a 1/8" loop at the center of the wire, crossing wires at top.
  4. String one piece of chain into the loop, then bend one wire end straight up from the loop and wrap the other end around 2-3 times. Straighten both wires out to the side. (Fig 1)
  5. Cut one 30" piece of lace. Wrap around card 3 times. Slide wrap off card.
  6. Keeping lace loops aligned at top, hold the wrapped wire loop about 1/2" from top and wrap wire ends around both sides 2-3 times each finishing at back. (Fig 2)
  7. Trim wire ends and use chain nose pliers to press down.
  8. Tuck top of tassel all the way into crimp end*. Arrange as desired, then secure by crimping with flat nose or parallel pliers. *Optional: use a small amount of adhesive inside crimp for extra security.
  9. Open one jump ring and attach 1 gemstone dangle to bottom of chain. Close jump ring.
  10. Use scissors to cut loops at bottom of tassel. Trim as desired.
  11. Open loop of 1 ear wire and attach to top of crimp end. Close loop.
  12. Repeat Steps 3-11 for second earring.