Design Instructions


Supplies Needed

  • 2   Jardin Post   (94-1080-40)
  • 2   Sm. Flora Teardrop Charm   (94-2495-40)
  • 2   Jardin Barrel Bead   (94-5809-40)
  • 36   2” 21g Headpin   (01-0028-01)
  • 2   4mm Round Jumpring   (01-0024-01)
  • 16”   1.5mm Round Leather Cord (Nat. Red Brown shown) 
  • 36   Assorted 4mm Beads


  • Scissors
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Optional: super glue

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: Approx. 3”

Designer: Tracy Gonzales

Download the Dulce Vida Earrings PDF


Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for videos on jump rings and crimping barrel beads).

Tip: This is a great project for using up random assortments of small beads!



  1. Cut cord in half. Set aside.
  2. Pick up one headpin and string on one bead. Bend wire at right angle at top of bead and trim to 3/8”. Form simple loop. Repeat with remaining beads and headpins. Set aside.
  3. Open one jumpring and add one charm. Close jumpring. Repeat. Set aside.
  4. Pick up one piece of cord. Thread one end through loop on post and pull through about 2 ½”. Wrap short end once around long end and form a simple knot. (Fig 1) fig1.jpg
  5. Position knot just below loop and tighten.
  6. Thread one barrel bead onto cords and slide up to knot. (Fig 2) fig2.jpg
  7. String 8 beads, one charm and 8 more beads onto long end of cord.
  8. Thread long end through barrel bead from bottom. (Fig 3) fig3.jpg
  9. Adjust loop to 1 ½” long, then use flat nose pliers to crimp barrel bead until secure. (Option: on back side of earring add small amount of super glue into bead before crimping.)
  10. Trim excess cord.
  11. Repeat Steps 4-10 for second earring.