Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 1    Asian Coin Pendant    (94-2530-12)
  • 1    Buddha Charm    (94-2528-12)
  • 2    Flowering Cone    (94-5829-12)
  • 20    8mm Lotus Bead Cap    (94-5829-12)
  • 1    Classic Hook Clasp    (94-5830-12)
  • 1    2" 21g Head Pin    (01-0028-01)
  • 1    2" 21g Eye Pin    (01-0027-01)
  • 2    4mm Round Jump Ring   (01-0024-01)
  • 1    8mm Round Jump Ring    (01-0026-01)
  • 12”    1mm cotton cord, brown
  • 11    2x10mm faceted glass rondelle beads, red
  • 1    4x6mm rondelle gemstone bead, aquamarine
  • 1    European crystal 5058 8x10mm Baroque Bead, Crystal Golden Shadow
  • Fabric glue


  • scissors
  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • wire cutters

Skill Level: Easy 

Finished Size: Approx. 7 1/2”

Designer: Katie Hill

Watch our technique videos playlist on YouTube (look for videos on jump rings and simple loops).


Tip: Stretch the cord before stringing the beads to prevent stretching after the bracelet is worn.


  1. Fold the cord about 1" from one end. Tie an overhand knot with the doubled cord to create a 3/8"-long loop. Add a dot of glue to the knot; let dry.
  2. Use the cord to string 1 cone from small end to large end. Thread the cord end into the cone.
  3. String 1 red rondelle, 1 bead cap from large end to small end, and 1 bead cap from small end to large end. Repeat from the beginning of this step nine times.
  4. String 1 red rondelle, 1 cone from large end to small end, and the clasp.
  5. Snug the beads and tie a double overhand knot between the cone and the clasp. Add a dot of glue to the knots; let dry. Trim any extra cord close to the knot. Set the bracelet aside.
  6. Use 1 eye pin to string the aquamarine 4x6mm rondelle bead. Use round nose pliers to form a simple loop, securing the bead; trim any excess wire. Add 1 4mm jump ring to one of the loops. Set the aquamarine link aside.
  7. String the crystal bead on a head pin; form a simple loop that connects to the open loop of the aquamarine link.
  8. Use two pairs of chain nose pliers to open the 8mm jump ring. String on the aquamarine link’s jump ring, the coin pendant, and the Buddha charm. Connect the 8mm jump ring to the clasp loop.

Download the Eastern Path Charm Bracelet PDF