Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 1    Jardin Two-Hole Button    (94-6589-27)
  • 4    Jardin Barrel Bead    (94-5809-27)
  • 4    Nugget 5mm Large Hole Spacer Bead    (93-0449-27)
  • 4    Nugget 7mm Large Hole Spacer Bead    (93-0450-27)
  • 4    Green 8mm Gemstone Faceted Rondelle Large Hole Bead (Aventurine shown)
  • 2    Red 9mm Gemstone Rondelle Large Hole Bead (Apple Jasper shown)
  • 16"    2mm Round Leather Cord, brown


  • scissors or leather snips
  • flat nose, nylon jaw or parallel pliers
  • super glue or jewelers adhesive (optional)

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: 7" 

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Jardin Gemstone Bracelet PDF

Watch the Demo Video: Jardin Gemstone Bracelet


Original style - To finish with a lobster clasp replace two of the Jardin Barrel Beads with Jardin Crimp End Caps (94-5826).


Men's and Bright Palette versions - For men's add our Nugget 3 Hole Bar to allow more space for larger gemstone beads. For brighter palette choose bright gemstone beads and lighter cords. 


Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for Jump Rings and Crimping).

Tip: To lengthen just add more cord length and adjust placement of all beads for desired bracelet length.*


  1. Fold cord in half and thread both ends through button holes. Pull all the way through until button is positioned at fold.
  2. String one barrel bead onto both cords and slide to about 3/8" from button.
  3. Use pliers to flatten barrel bead until secure.
  4. String one barrel bead onto both cords.
  5. String one 5mm spacer, one green gemstone, one 7mm spacer, one red gemstone, one 7mm spacer, one green gemstone, and one 5mm spacer onto each cord.
  6. String two more barrel beads onto both cords. 
  7. For a 7” bracelet position last barrel bead about 5" from the first one. Double check length for fit, then use pliers to flatten as in Step 3. (*Position farther from the first bead for a longer bracelet.)
  8. Arrange barrel, gemstone and spacer beads at center of bracelet as desired, then flatten barrel beads to secure focal section in place.
  9. Form button loop by tying both cord ends in an overhand knot about 3/4" from last barrel bead. Tighten securely, adding a drop of adhesive if desired. Allow to dry.
  10. Trim cord ends as desired.