Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 2    Niobium Ear Wire    (90-5120-25)
  • 2    5/8” Flora Ring    (94-3199-40)
  • 2    3/4” Flora Ring    (94-3200-40)
  • 2    Jardin Barrel Bead    (94-5809-40)
  • 2    Jardin Triangle Charm    (94-2494-40)
  • 6    2” 21g Head Pin    (01-0028-01)
  • 4    4mm Round Jump Ring    (01-0024-61)
  • 6    3-4mm Czech Glass and/or Gemstone Beads
  • 22g Craft Wire
  • Embellishment Cord


  • chain and/or flat nose pliers (2)
  • round nose pliers 
  • flush cutters
  • scissors

Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Size: Approx. 3 3/4"

Designer: Katie Hill

Watch our technique videos playlist on YouTube (Watch for videos on Simple Loops, Wrapped Loops, and Jump Rings)



    1. String one bead onto one headpin. At top of bead carefully bend wire over at right angle and trim to 3/8”. Form simple loop.
    2. Repeat Step 2 with all beads, for a total of 6 bead dangles.
    3. Cut a 3” piece of craft wire. Holding one 3/4” ring next to one 5/8” ring, connect them with 3 wraps of the wire. Trim any excess wire and tuck in the ends.
    4. Cut eight* 4” pieces of embellishment cord. Fold 4 pieces in half over the larger ring and thread one barrel bead over all strands. Slide bead up to bottom of ring. (* Cut eight or more pieces depending on the thickness of your cord.)
    5. Cut one 4” piece of craft wire and attach a charm at one end with a wrapped loop.
    6. Thread other end of wire up through barrel bead in front of tassel until charm hangs about 1/4" from bottom of bead. Bend wire end down over front of bead and secure by wrapping over existing wire wrap.
    7. Trim excess wire and tuck end in.
    8. Use chain nose pliers to crimp barrel bead on the embellishment cord to secure it.
    9. Open the loop of one of the bead dangles and attach it to one of the wire wraps connecting the two rings. Close loop.
    10. Repeat Step 9 with two more bead dangles.
    11. Open one jump ring and attach it to top of 5/8” ring. Close jump ring.
    12. Open one jump ring and attach it to jump ring added in Step 11. Before closing jump ring slip on an ear wire. Close jump ring.
    13. Repeat Steps 3-12 for second earring.

Download the Julie's Delight Earrings PDF