Design Instructions


Supplies Needed

  • 2    French Hook Ear Wire Regular Loop, Silver-filled    (90-8170-01)
  • 2    Luna Moth Pendant Link    (94-3234-12)
  • 6    Hex 4mm Spacer    (93-0411-11)
  • 6    Head Pin SS 24ga 2"   (01-0029-01)
  • 18    Assorted gemstone beads, 3-6mm rounds and rondelles  (Shown: Peridot 5-6mm faceted rondelle, Amethyst 4-5mm faceted rondelle, Tiger Eye 3mm faceted round, Yellow Jade 4mm diamond cut round)
  • 2    Enameled Brass Small Tulip Bead Cap, Clover Pink (Gardanne Beads)
  • 24   Gauge craft wire, silver


  • Chain nose pliers (2)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Ultra Fine Sharpie Pen
  • Approx. 1/4" mandrel (pen or other)
  • Ruler
  • Optional: wire straightening tool

Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Finished Size: Approx 3 1/2"

Designer: Kierston Aiello and Tracy Proctor

Download the Luna Moth Earrings PDF

Watch the Demo Video: Luna Moth Earrings Jewelry Making Demo

Try the beading wire and crimp beads version below ~


Alternate Supplies Needed

  • 2    Luna Moth Pendant Link    (94-3234-12)
  • 6    Hex 4mm Spacer    (93-0411-11)
  • 2    Head Pin 21ga 2"    (01-0028-01)
  • 6    Crimp 2x2mm Bead    (01-0030-11)
  • 2    Scalloped 11mm Bead Caps    (94-5589-12)
  • 2    Czech Glass 8mm Fire-polish Beads
  • 12    Assorted gemstone beads, 3-6mm rounds and rondelles
  • Beading wire, .014-.015 in.

Alternate Instructions: Follow all steps, replacing supplies in Step 1 with 21ga head pins, 8mm Czech glass beads, bead caps, and simple loops.
Step 2 - cut beading wire instead of craft wire.
Step 3 - string Hex spacer and crimp bead onto beading wire, flattening crimp bead to secure, leaving approx. 1/4" loop above spacer.
Adapt all other steps for beading wire, adding a crimp bead after Hex spacers at sides and crimping instead of wire wrapping at wings, being sure to make loops roomy. 


Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for videos on jump rings and wrapped loops).


Tip: The front notch of crimping pliers works great to round and tuck in the ends of a wrapped loop.



1. String one gemstone bead onto one 24ga head pin. Bend wire over at top of bead and form wrapped loop, trimming excess wire. Repeat five times. Set aside.
2. Cut one 6" piece of craft wire. Straighten using fingers or tool if needed. 
3. Grasp center of wire with round nose plier jaws. Fold ends around jaw to form a curved fold, then string one Hex spacer onto both ends of wire. Bring spacer up wires to form a teardrop shape about 1/4" long at top.
4. Use pen to make a small mark 1 1/8" below spacer on both wires.
5. String three gemstone beads and one hex spacer onto each wire end and slide them up near spacer placed in Step 3. 
6. Hold wires together and bend at right angle where marked.
7. Bend each wire halfway around wide part of round nose plier jaws. (Fig 1)


8. Thread wing holes of one Luna Moth onto both wires, then curve wires back towards upper side of wings. (Fig 2)


9. Working from the outside, begin a wrapped loop about 3/16" long. Hint: grasp loop with chain nose pliers to help keep its shape. (Fig 3) Wrap 2-3 times around, then trim excess wire. 


10. Repeat Step 9 on other side, being sure to make loops the same size.
11. Straighten loops and wires as needed.
12. Cut one 5" piece of craft wire. Use narrow end of pen to make an approx. 1/4" loop about 2" from one end. String 3 gemstone bead dangles onto loop. Cross wires so loop is a length that will hang well inside the bead cap (1/4-5/16" long) then wrap shorter end of wire around longer end 2-3 times. Trim excess wire from shorter end.
13. Insert longer end into bead cap. Bend wire over at top of cap and use round nose pliers to start a wrapped loop. Before wrapping, attach to bottom of pendant. Complete wrap and trim excess wire.
14. Open loop on one ear wire and attach at top of earring. Close loop.
15. Repeat Steps 2-14 for second earring, taking care to match all measurements.