Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 2    Oasis Stitch-In Link    (94-3226-26)

  • 2    Siam Beaded Drop    (94-6824-01)
  • 2    French Hook Ear Wire w/2mm Bead, GF    (90-3120-10)
  • 2    Oval Jump Ring 20ga 3x2mm    (01-0016-09)
  • 8    GemDuo Beads (Chalk Blue Lustre) - GD
  • 6    ZoliDuo Left Beads (Cream Picasso Lustre) - ZDL
  • 6    ZoliDuo Right Beads (Cream Picasso Lustre) - ZDR
  • 12    SuperDuo Beads (Hyacinth Celsian) - SD
  • 16    Size 11 Seed Beads, translucent red
  • Beading thread
  • Stop bead (a seed bead in any color not used in the pattern)


  • thread cutters
  • beading needle
  • chain and/or flat nose pliers (2)

Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Size: Approx. 2 1/4”

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Mezquita Earrings PDF


Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for Jump Rings).

Tip: The stitch-in link is two sided, as are the GemDuo and the ZoliDuo Beads. Pay attention to fronts and backs as you work*. 


1. Open one jump ring and attach to charm. Close jump ring securely. Repeat. Set aside.
2. Thread needle with 36" beading thread.
3. Pick up stop bead and secure 6" from end of thread.
4. Sew through one loop of link* and pull through to stop bead. 
5. Pick up one size 11 bead and one GD (top hole).
6. Pick up a second GD (bottom hole), rotate the second bead 180 degrees, then sew through the bottom hole of the first GD and the top hole of a third. Pull to nestle the beads together. (Fig 1)


7. Sew down through bottom hole of 3rd Gd, pick up 4th GD (top hole), and sew through bottom hole of 2nd GD. Pull to tighten. (Fig 2)


8. Sew through bottom hole of 4th bead, then zigzag through beads to come out through top left of first GD. (Fig 3) Pull tight.


9. Pick up one size 11 bead, sew through second link loop, and pick up one size 11, one SD, and the narrow end of one ZDR, then sew through second holes of GD assembly. (Fig 4)


10. Pick up one ZDL (narrow end), one SD, and one size 11, then sew through link loops, top beads, link loop, and size 11. (Fig 5)


11. Sew through inner holes of 1st SD and ZDR, pick up one SD, one ZDR, one SD and one ZDR, then sew through bottom hole of GD assembly. (Fig 6)


12. Pick up one ZDL, one SD, one ZDL, and one SD, then sew through previous ZDL, SD, and size 11. (Fig 7)


13. Sew through link loops and beads to exit left side, down through size 11 and 1st holes of SD and ZDR, then through second row of GD holes to exit right side. (Fig 8)


14. Sew down through inner holes of next 4 beads (SD, ZDL, SD, ZDL), through bottom hole of GD assembly, and up through inner holes of ZDR, SD, ZDR, and SD. (Fig 9)


15. Sew through second GD assembly holes to exit right side, then loop up through all beads and link loops to exit top left side again. (Fig 10)


16. Sew down through outer holes of all beads to bottom, pick up 2 size 11 beads, one charm, 2 size 11 beads, then sew up outer holes on right side to top and through beads and link loops to exit top left again. (Fig 11). Repeat thread path to reinforce. 


17. Weave through several beads, knot, and repeat. Trim thread. Remove stop bead and repeat with tail.
18. Attach one ear wire at top of earring.
19. Repeat Steps 2-18 for second earring.