Design Instructions


Supplies Needed

  • 1    Monstera Button    (94-6605-18)
  • 12   Nugget 5mm Spacers    (93-0435-18)
  • 16    Size 8 Seed Beads 
  • 11    8mm Round Czech Glass or Gemstone Beads
  • 48"  .5mm (Tex 210) nylon cord (B-lon Med. Brown shown)


  • Scissors
  • Jewelers adhesive or Super New Glue
  • Needle nose tweezers

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: Approx. 7 1/2"

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Monstera Bracelet PDF

Watch the Demo Video: Monstera Bracelet

Watch the Quick & Easy Reel: Monstera Bracelet Jewelry Making Demo

This design is also available as a KIT



  • Each 8mm round bead, spacer bead and accompanying knots equal about 1/2". Increase or decrease numbers of beads to adjust length.
  • Knotting: Begin overhand knot. Before tightening insert tips of tweezers through loop and grasp cords right next to bead (Fig 1). Begin to close knot, removing tweezers just before final tightening. Use sides of tweezers to push knot close to bead.* Keep all beads and knots tight together.


  1. Pre-stretch cord by pulling firmly from both ends a few times.
  2. Fold cord in half and attach center to button shank with Larks Head Knot. (Thread both cord ends through shank, then thread ends back through folded cord and pull tight.)
  3. Tie both cords in an overhand knot next to shank.
  4. String one nugget bead onto both cords. Bring bead next to knot, then tie another knot close to bead*. Tighten firmly.
  5. String one 8mm bead onto one cord. Bring bead next to knot placed in Step 4 then bring both cords together on other side of bead and tie in overhand knot. Tighten firmly.
  6. Repeat Steps 4-5 10 times, alternating cords when stringing 8mm beads.
  7. Repeat Step 4.
  8. String 16 seed beads onto both cords, then fold into loop and secure with an overhand knot on top of last knot placed. Tighten securely.
  9. Add a drop of adhesive to final knot. Allow to dry and trim excess cord.



Left to Right: Toho's Amiet Beading Thread with our Czech Flower Button (94-5479) and Turkish spacers (93-0425), 1mm waxed cotton cord with 8mm quartz crystal beads, Nugget Large Hole 5mm spacers (93-0449) and Mandala Button (94-6603), 1.5mm leather cord with Oasis 10mm LH beads (94-5716) and Oval Shell button (94-6560), and1mm C-Lon cord with our Monstera button (94-6605) and  Nugget Large Hole 5mm spacers (93-0449)

Note: The thicker the cord, the more length knotting takes up. For a leather variation cut at least 48" for a 7 1/2" bracelet.