Design Instructions


Supplies needed for one bracelet

  • 1    Moon Phases Set    (94-2572)
  • 6    Faceted 5mm Large Hole Spacer    (93-0451)
  • 12    6mm Faceted Pony Czech Glass Beads OR Size 6 Seed Beads
  • 16”    1.5mm Leather Cord


  • scissors

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: Adjustable

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Moon Phases Bracelets PDF

Watch the Demo Video: Moon Phases Bracelets

Watch a Demo Video for Sliding Knots on our Blog: DIY Basics: Sliding Knot


  1. Onto cord string one glass bead, one spacer, and one glass bead, then one quarter moon charm with concave side towards glass bead.

  2. Repeat Step 1 using a half moon charm, flat side towards glass bead.

  3. Repeat Step 1 using full moon charm.

  4. Repeat Step 2, reversing half moon charm.

  5. Repeat Step 1, reversing quarter moon charm.

  6. String one glass bead, one spacer and a final glass bead.

  7. Overlap cords to create the loop of the bracelet. Adjust size so loop just fits over widest part of hand. The cord ends are now the “working” cords, and the looped cord is the “bottom” cord.

  8. At center of loop just to one side of the overlap, position both cords so that working cord is on top. Fold working cord back onto itself. (Fig 1)

  9. Grasp fold and bottom cord in one hand. Bring loose end of working cord behind other cords and wrap 2-3 times around (not too tight), looping away from fold. (Fig 2)

  10. After final loop bring end towards you, then thread back through all loops including original loop created by fold. (Fig 2) Tighten by carefully pulling working tail, keeping knot near center of bracelet loop. Adjust knot until secure but loose enough to slide.

  11. Repeat Steps 8-10 with other end to create a second sliding knot right next to first one.

  12. Trim excess cord at each end leaving ¼” tails.

  13. To tighten bracelet slide knots away from each other towards beads. To widen bracelet slide knots toward each other.