Design Instructions



Supplies needed (for 2 pair as shown)

  • 2    Oasis Stitch-in Links    (94-3226-12)
  • 2    Oasis Stitch-in Links    (94-3226-27)
  • 2    Crystal Beaded Drop    (94-6825-04)
  • 2    Om Coin Charm    (94-2197-27)
  • 2    French Hook Ear Wire w/ Regular Loop, Grey    (90-5170-01)
  • 2    French Hook Ear Wire w/ Regular Loop, Brass    (90-5177-01)
  • 2    Oval Jump Ring 20 Gauge 4x3mm ID    (01-0018-01)
  • 2    Oval Jump Ring 20 Gauge 4x3mm ID    (01-0018-27)
  • 2    Crimp Bead 2x2mm, Brass    (01-0030-11)
  • 2    Crimp Bead 2x2mm, Brass    (01-0030-27)
  • Optional: Crimp Covers    (01-0032)
  • Size 8 round seed beads
  • Medium Beading Wire


  • wire cutters
  • chain and/or flat nose pliers (2)
  • crimping pliers
  • bead stopper or small binder clip

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: Approx. 2 1/2”

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for Jump Rings and Crimping).

Tip: Seed bead sizes can vary. If 3 beads do not fit easily between the loops of the Oasis link, use chain nose pliers to very slightly angle the loops out.

Steps (for 1 pair of earrings)

  1. Cut one 5" piece of beading wire. 
  2. Pick up one link and thread end of wire through one loop.
  3. String 3 seed beads onto wire (see Tip), then thread end through second loop.
  4. Attach bead stopper or binder clip to one end of wire.
  5. On opposite end string 15 seed beads and one crimp bead. 
  6. Remove bead stopper from other end and attach it after crimp bead.
  7. Repeat Step 5 on other side of wire.
  8. Thread second end through crimp bead on first end, then pull both ends to take up slack.
  9. Secure crimp bead with crimping pliers, taking care not to pinch seed beads on either side. Trim excess wire.
  10. Optional: Use crimping pliers to attach crimp cover over crimp bead.
  11. Open one jump ring and attach charm at bottom of hoop, paying attention to which side of the two-sided Oasis link will face front. Close jump ring.
  12. Open loop on one ear wire and attach to top of Oasis link. Close loop.
  13. Repeat all steps for second earring.