Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 1    Hammertone Magnetic Clasp    (94-6246-25)
  • 1    Hammertone 1 ¼” Ring    (94-3231-25)
  • 1    Hammertone 1 ¼” Ring    (94-3231-27)
  • 1    Hammertone 1 ¼” Ring    (94-3231-70)
  • 2    Hammertone 18mm Stitch-around    (94-2563-70)
  • 1    Hammertone 18mm Stitch-around    (94-2563-25)
  • 1    Hammertone 18mm Stitch-around    (94-2563-27)
  • 1    Hammertone 15mm Stitch-around    (94-2561-27)
  • 1    Hammered 12mm Rivoli Bezel    (94-2540-70)
  • 11”    Brass Cable Chain 6x4mm    (20-0425-27)
  • 11”    Embossed Cable Chain 2.5mm    (20-1525-27)
  • 4    Round Jump Rings 18-gauge 8mm    (01-0026-27)
  • 1    Round Jump Ring 19 gauge 5.5mm    (01-0025-27)
  • 4    Oval Jump Rings 17-gauge 5x3.5mm    (01-0019-27)
  • 2    Oval Jump Rings 20-gauge 4x3mm    (01-0018-09)
  • 1    12mm Crystal Rivoli Stone (1122)
  • Size 11 (11/0) Round Seed Beads, two colors
  • Size 8 (8/0) Round Seed Beads, two colors
  • 4    3x4mm Czech glass faceted rondelles
  • 3    4mm fire polish beads
  • 24-gauge craft wire
  • 22-gauge craft wire
  • 6lb Fireline, Crystal, or other strong beading thread
  • 60 min. two-part epoxy adhesive


  • thread cutter
  • beading needles (2)
  • chain and/or flat nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • beading mat
  • optional: thread burner, wire straightening tool or nylon jawed pliers

Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Size: Approx. 20"

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Orbital Necklace PDF



Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for Jump Rings and Simple Loops).

Tip:  The instructions for creating this necklace are broken down into two sections. The first section covers creating the components - Rivoli bezel setting, two stitch-on components, and wire wrapped ring. The final section covers assembling the completed necklace.


Glue-in Bezel

1. Mix a small amount of epoxy adhesive per product instructions.

2. Use toothpick to apply small amount (about a 3mm bead) of adhesive into bottom of one Rivoli bezel. Pick up one Rivoli crystal and set securely into bezel. Press down and rotate to distribute adhesive evenly.

3. Set aside to cure per product instructions.

15mm Brass Ox Stitch-around Hoop

1. Thread a needle with 30" of Fireline or other beading thread. Attach other end of thread to hoop with a double knot, leaving a 4 to 6” tail. (Step 1)

2. Position knot on inside of hoop. Pick up two 11/0 seed beads, then pass needle behind hoop. (Step 2)

3. Bring needle over top of hoop and stitch through the last seed bead added. (Step 3)

4. Pick up one 11/0 bead. Bring needle behind hoop, around front and back through the bead just added. (Step 4)

5. Repeat Step 4 seventeen times. (Step 5)

6. Bring needle down toward hoop and through top of first bead added in Step 2. Loop around hoop* and come back up through the same bead. Thread a needle onto tail thread. Stitch down through the last bead added in Step 5, loop around hoop, and stitch back up through the same bead. (Step 6) *Optional: add half-hitch knot before stitching up through bead.

7. Repeat Step 6 with the tail and working threads, into the adjacent beads.* (Step 7)

8. Snip or burn the remaining working and tail threads. (Step 8)


18mm silver Stitch-around Hoop

1. Thread a needle with 25 to 30 inches of Fireline or other beading thread. Attach other end of thread to hoop with a double knot, leaving a 4 to 6” tail.  Position knot close to built-in bead at top. (Step 1).

2. Pick up two 8/0 seed beads. Bring beads down thread to sit snug against top of hoop. Bring tail thread up through the first bead added to tuck knot inside bead. (Step 2)

3. Bring needle around hoop and back up though second bead added in Step 2. Pull tight. Both beads will now sit snug on top of hoop. (Step 3).

4. Pick up one 8/0 seed bead. Bring needle around hoop and back up through bead. Pull tight. This bead will now sit snug next to the others. (Step 4)

5. Repeat Step 4 17 times. (Step 5)

6. Weaving in working thread: After adding final bead, bring needle back through second-to-last bead added in Step 5. Loop around hoop, pass needle underneath thread below the bead and make a half-hitch knot, then come back up through bead. Repeat once more with adjacent bead. (Step 6)

7. Weaving in tail thread. Thread tail thread with needle. Sew down into the next bead (Step 7), loop around hoop, then come back up through the same bead. (Step 8). Snip or burn tail thread.


1 ¼” Wire Wrapped Ring ~ note: seed bead sizes vary. Adjust numbers of beads in each row as necessary.

1. Cut an 8” length of 22-gauge craft wire. Wrap one end of the wire twice around top of ring. Bring wire tight in a straight line down center of ring and wrap twice around bottom of ring. Trim excess wire (Step 1)

2. Cut a 14 to 18” piece of 24-gauge craft wire. Attach end of wire to ring next to the 22-gauge wire wrapped end, and wrap tightly four times around ending on inside of ring. Bring wire towards and behind center wire (hereafter called the center bar). Slide four 11/0 seed beads onto wire. Wrap wire around the center bar one full loop. (Step 2)

3. Add four 8/0 beads and wrap wire around ring from behind. (Step 3)

4. Wrap wire around ring once more, then add five 8/0 beads and wrap around center bar from behind. (Step 4)

5. Add six 8/0 beads and wrap twice around ring from behind. (Step 5 pic)

6. Add three 4mm Fire Polish beads. Pass wire over center bar, then add four 3x4mm Czech glass rondelle beads. (Step 6)

7. Wrap twice around ring, then add six 8/0 beads. Pass wire under center bar. (Step 7)

8. Wrap wire twice around center bar. Add five 8/0 beads. (Step 8)

9. Pass wire behind ring and wrap wire four times around. Fold wire once more over one side of the ring and trim. (Step 9).


Assembling the Necklace

1. Use two 8mm jump rings to connect the three 1 ¼” rings, with wire wrapped ring in center. Use the remaining 8mm jump rings to attach each of the stitched hoops to the outer 1 ¼” rings, one on each side.

2. Use one 4x3mm oval jump ring to attach the gold 18mm hoop to the bottom of the silver 1 ¼” ring.

3. With another 4x3mm oval jump ring attach the brass 15mm hoop to the bottom of the gold 1 ¼” ring.

4. Use the 5.5mm round jump ring to attached the Rivoli charm to the loop of the silver 18mm hoop, then to the bottom of the center wire wrapped ring.

5. Cut each chain strand into two equal pieces.

6. Open one 5x3.5mm oval jump ring and attach the end link of one of each type of chain. Before closing jump ring attach to loop of hoop at one side of necklace. Close jump ring.

7. Repeat step 6 on the other side.

8. Repeat Step 6 at other ends of the chain strands, attaching to magnetic clasp components instead of hoops.