Design Instructions



Supplies Needed (for one bracelet)

  • 1    12 Gauge Wire Bracelet    (01-0301-01, -08, -09, or -27)
  • 1    Evil Eye Charm    (94-2504-12) or
  • 1    Recovery Charm    (94-2507-27) or
  • 1    Pentagram Charm    (94-2507-26 or
  • 1    Triple Spiral Charm    (94-2508-18)
  • 1    40" strand 2mm silk string
  • 1    40" strand 10-14mm ribbon (sari, silk, or cotton)
  • 24ga craft wire


  • scissors
  • wire cutters

Skill Level: Easy

Finished Size: Average

Designer: Tracy Gonzales

Download the Strength in Beauty Bangles PDF


  1. Cut one 24” piece craft wire.
  2. Secure wire to bracelet by threading one end through bracelet closure loop 1”, then wrapping long end around coil. (Fig 1)bangles-fig-1.png
  3. Trim or wrap any excess wire at short end.
  4. String charm onto hook of bracelet so that image faces outward, and slide around to loop.
  5. Pick up silk string and fold in half. Pick up ribbon and hold one end together with both silk string ends. Tie strands securely to bracelet next to charm, leaving 1 ½” to 2” tail. (Fig 2) bangles-fig-2.png
  6. Begin wrapping wire and ribbons together around bracelet. Wrap loosely or tightly allowing wire to show, and arranging as desired.
  7. At hook end of bracelet fold ribbons back onto themselves and secure with wire. (Fig 3)bangles-fig-3.png
  8. Trim excess wire and ribbon.
  9. Tie ribbon remnants next to charm for additional embellishment if desired.