Design Instructions



Supplies Needed

  • 1    Jardin Bar Link    (94-3197-40)
  • 1    Jardin Barrel Bead    (94-5809-40)
  • 34"    1.5mm round leather cord, black


  • scissors
  • beading awl or toothpick
  • optional: super glue
  • optional: bracelet bending pliers

Skill Level: Easy

Finished Size: Adjustable (6-9 inches)

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Sweet Life Bracelet PDF

Tip: This link is reversible!



  1. Optional: Use bracelet bending pliers to curve link.
  2. Cut cord in half. Trim all ends at sharp angle.
  3. Pick up one strand of cord and thread one end through hole at one end of link.
  4. Pull to center, then tie an overhand knot  in cords right next to link. (Fig 1)sweet-life-bracelet-1.png
  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with second strand.
  6. Thread both cord ends on one side of bracelet through barrel bead.
  7. At other side of bracelet thread one end of cord through bead from opposite direction.
  8. Pull the three strands already inside bead to one side and use awl or toothpick to make room for final strand, then thread strand through.
  9. Adjust bead and cords until bead is centered and circle is just large enough to fit over widest part of hand.
  10. On one side of bracelet tie cords in overhand knot right next to bead and tighten securely. Optional: Apply tiny drop of glue inside knot before tightening. (Fig 2) sweet-life-bracelet-fig-2.png
  11. Repeat Step 10 on other side.
  12. Trim cord ends as desired.

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