Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 2    8mm Dome Post     (94-1000-70)
  • 2    Thunderbird Charm    (94-2531-12)
  • 2    Oval Jump Ring 20 Gauge 4x3mm ID    (01-0018-01)
  • 2    11x40mm top-drilled gemstone drops
  • 24g craft wire


  • chain nose pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • flush cutters

Skill Level: Easy 

Finished Size: Approx. 2 1/2”

Designer: Katie Hill

Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for videos on jump rings and wrapped loops).


Tip: Be gentle when forming the briolette wraps – keep space in the loops so they are not tight on the gemstone drops.


  1. Use wire cutters to cut 5" of wire.
  2. Use round nose pliers to form a loop about 1 1/2" from the wire’s end, using the widest part of the pliers’ jaws.
  3. String 1 gemstone drop on the loop. Allowing room for the drop to move, use chain nose pliers to wrap the short end of wire 2 or 3 times around the long end to finish the wrapped loop. Trim excess wire.
  4. Use round nose pliers to form a second loop in the long end just above the wire wrap.
  5. Use chain nose pliers to finish the wrapped loop so it meets or overlaps the previous wrapped loop. Trim excess wire.
  6. Position loops so that they are perpendicular to each other.
  7. Open one oval jump ring and attach it to the bottom loop of one post earring finding. Before closing the jump ring, string on one stone drop and one thunderbird charm. Close the loop. Make sure the charm sits in front of the stone.
  8. Repeat Steps 1-7 for the second earring.

Download the Thunderbird Post Earrings PDF