Design Instructions



Supplies Needed

  • 1    Vine Hook & Eye Clasp Set    (94-5105-12)
  • 1    J Charm    (94-240J-12)
  • 1    G Charm    (94-240G-12)
  • 1    Ampersand Charm    (94-2423-12)
  • 1    SS34 Bezel Charm    (94-2426-61)
  • 1    Love Link    (94-3190-12)
  • 22"    Brass Rolo Chain    (20-1025-63)
  • 5    4mm Round Jump Ring    (01-0024-01)
  • 1    8mm Round Jump Ring    (01-0026-01)
  • 2    Size 6 seed beads
  • 1    European Crystal SS34 2088 flatback 
  • 2    European Crystal PP24 1088 chaton 


  • Chain nose pliers (2)
  • 2-part epoxy adhesive
  • Toothpick
  • 1.25mm metal hole punching pliers
  • Fine-tip marker
  • Ruler

Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Size: 22 inches

Designer: Tracy Gonzales

Watch our technique videos playlist on YouTube (look for video on jump rings).



  1. Pick up the link and use a toothpick to apply a tiny amount of epoxy around the top edge of hole next to heart. Set one chaton crystal into hole. Repeat with second chaton crystal in hole next to word. Allow to dry.
  2. Open 8mm jump ring and slide on one letter charm, one seed bead, ampersand charm, second seed bead, and second letter charm. Close jump ring.
  3. Open one 4mm jump ring and attach it to bottom hole of link. Attach 8mm jumpring assembly, then bezel charm. Close jump ring.
  4. Separate chain into two equal pieces.
  5. Open one 4mm jump ring and attach one piece of chain to hole at top corner of link. Close jump ring.
  6. Repeat Step 8 at other corner with second jump ring and piece of chain.
  7. Use one jump ring to attach clasp hook at one end of necklace. Repeat to attach clasp eye at other end.
  8. Use ruler and marker to make a mark 3/16” to the inside of the top corner of the Love link. Repeat at other top corner. Make a third mark 3/16” from the bottom edge of the link at center.
  9. Centering hole punching pliers carefully, punch a hole at each mark. 3.Mix a small amount of 2-part epoxy per product instructions. Use a toothpick to apply a small amount inside the bezel charm. Place flatback crystal into bezel securely and allow to dry.

Download the True Love Necklace PDF