Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 1    Hammertone Magnetic Clasp    (94-6246-18)
  • 2    Hammertone Stitch-in Links    (94-3230-18)
  • 9    Hammertone Rondelle 7mm Beads    (94-5856-18)
  • 10    Distressed 2 Hole Bar    (94-3166-18)
  • 9    Hammertone Dagger Beads    (94-5855-18)
  • 3    2x2mm Crimp Beads    (01-0030-18)
  • 4    3mm Crimp Covers    (01-0032-18)
  • 4    4x3mm Oval Jump Ring    (01-0018-08)
  • 8-9”    6x4mm Brass Cable Chain    (20-0425-18)
  • 18    Czech Glass Dagger Beads (red or copper)
  • 30    8/0 Seed Beads (red)
  • 12    European Crystal 5328 4mm Bicone Beads (Scarlet shown)
  • 8    European Crystal 5238 6mm Bicone Beads (Scarlet shown)
  • 20”    Medium or fine colored beading wire (Beadalon 19-strand Clear Colors Red shown)


  • wire cutters
  • crimping pliers
  • chain and/or flat nose pliers (2)
  • beading mat

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: Approx. 18"

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Two-Strand Daggers Necklace PDF

Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for Jump Rings and Crimping).

Tip: The loops on the Stitch-in Links can be widened to fit your beads by gently spreading them apart with chain nose pliers. 


1. Pick up one crimp cover and use front notch of crimping pliers to carefully close it to form a bead. Set aside.

2. Cut 20” of beading wire and string one 8/0 bead, the closed crimp cover created in Step 1, and one 8/0 bead. Position the beads in the center of the wire, then thread each of the ends through the loops of one Stitch-in link. (Fig 1) Pull wire ends to nestle beads between loops. (See Tip)

Fig 1

3. Bring wire ends together and string on one crimp bead, but don’t crimp it yet. Then string on one 8/0 bead, one 6mm bicone bead, and one 8/0 bead. (Fig 2)


Fig 2

4. Separate strands and string one 8/0 bead on each. Thread each strand through the two holes of one two-hole bar. (Fig 3)


Fig 3

5. Upper strand - String the following on one of the wire strands: *one 4mm bicone, one 7mm rondelle, one 4mm bicone, top hole of one two-hole bar*. Repeat * through *twice, then repeat three more times using 6mm bicones instead of 4mm. Repeat * through * three more times with remaining 4mm bicones.

6. Lower strand - String the following on the remaining strand: † one 8/0 bead, one Czech glass dagger, one Hammertone Dagger, one Czech glass dagger, one 8/0 bead, bottom hole of two-hole bar placed in Step 5. † Repeat † through † 8 times.

7. Each strand should now be exiting the last two-hole bar added. String one 8/0 bead onto each strand.

8. Bring strands together and string on one 8/0 bead, one 6mm bicone, one 8/0 bead, and one crimp bead. (Do not crimp yet.)

9. Thread each end of wire through the loops of the second stitch-in link from the outside. (Fig 4)


Fig 4

10. String one 8/0 bead onto each strand, then thread each strand through one crimp bead from opposite sides. (Fig 5) Optional: thread ends through adjacent beads and stitch-in loops.


Fig 5

11. Place necklace onto work surface and adjust beads and wire to desired spacing and length and to make sure all is centered, then use crimping pliers to secure all crimp beads. Cover crimp beads with crimp covers. Trim wire ends as needed.

12. Divide chain into two equal pieces. Open one jump ring and attach to loop of stitch-in link at one side of necklace. Before closing jump ring attach end link of one piece of chain. Close jump ring. 

13. Repeat Step 12 on other side.

14. Use one jump ring to attach one side of magnetic clasp to end of chain at one side of necklace.

15. Repeat Step 14 on other side.