Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 1    Desert Landscape Link    (94-3239-12)
  • 1    Lg Jardin Pinch Bail    (94-5808-12)
  • 1    Longhorn Charm    (94-2576-12)
  • 1    Large Feather Charm    (94-2045-12)
  • 1    Western Boot    (94-2267-12)
  • 1    Cowboy Hat    (94-2283-12)
  • 12    Western Bead    (94-5831-12)
  • 4    Twisted 8mm Spacer    (94-5768-12)
  • 3    Round Jump Ring 16ga 5mm ID    (01-0020-01)
  • 2    Crimp Bead 2x2mm    (01-0030-01)
  • 4    Eye Pin 21ga 2"    (01-0027-01)
  • 5"    Brass Cable Chain 5x6mm ID    (20-0825-12)
  • 24    Gemstone 5-6mm Nugget Beads, Turquoise
  • 10    Gemstone 12mm Square Beads, Matte Picture Jasper
  • 29    Size 6 Seed Beads, red
  • 24"    3mm Split Suede Lace, brown
  • 24"    3mm Deertan or Deerskin Lace, turquoise
  • 12"    3mm Deertan or Deerskin  Lace, brown
  • 1    2x2" Embossed Leather Sheet or leather scrap
  • Medium or heavy beading wire


  • chain and/or flat nose pliers (2)
  • round nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • crimping pliers
  • cutting mat and craft knife or sharp scissors
  • leather hole punch punching tool or craft knife
  • pen or pencil

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: Approx. 30", adjustable

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Western Vista Necklace PDF


Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for Simple Loops, Crimp Beads, and Jump Rings).

Tip: When making simple loops protect the top of the seed beads with thumbnail to prevent breaking.*


  1. Pick up 1 eye pin and open loop. Attach 1 charm and close loop. String on 1 seed bead. At top of bead bend wire over at right angle. Use round nose pliers to form simple loop, trimming excess wire. Repeat with remaining charms and eye pins. Set aside.
  2. Place landscape link onto piece of leather sheet and trace around outside edge, slightly larger than the link. Use craft knife and cutting mat or scissors to cut out shape. Use leather punching tool or craft knife to make a small hole about 1/8" from top of shape. Set aside.
  3. Cut 24" split suede lace into two 12" pieces. Set aside.
  4. Cut 24" of deertan lace into two 12" pieces. Set aside.
  5. Close both jump rings securely. 
  6. Cut one 24" piece of beadingwire. String on 1 crimp bead then thread end through 1 jump ring. Thread end back through crimp bead and adjust to form a 1/8" loop and 1" tail. Use crimping pliers to secure.
  7. String *1 seed bead, 1 gemstone nugget bead, 1 western bead, 1 nugget, 1 seed bead, and 1 square gemstone bead*, covering tail. (Note: if gemstone holes are too small to allow two passes of beading wire, double check security of crimp then carefully trim excess wire next to crimp bead.)
  8. Repeat * through * 4 times. 
  9. Repeat * through * once more, replacing square gemstone bead with 2 seed beads to create space for pinch bail.
  10. Repeat * through * 5 times. (Note: there will be 4 seed beads at center.)
  11. Repeat * through * once more, ending with 2nd seed bead and omitting square gemstone bead. 
  12. String 1 crimp bead then thread end through second jump ring and secure as in Step 6. 
  13. Onto one 12" piece of split suede lace string on 1 twisted spacer, then thread end through jump ring at 1 end of necklace. Thread end back through spacer, then tie an overhand knot tightly at end of lace. Adjust so knot and spacer are close to jump ring. Repeat on other side of necklace.
  14. String both ends of lace through 1 twisted spacer, then tie an overhand knot at each end. To adjust slide spacer up or down lace.
  15. Open final jump ring and attach at bottom of landscape link. Before closing attach piece of chain. Close jump ring. Thread end of chain through final twisted spacer and position next to link.
  16. Pick up the 3 strands of deertan lace. Holding ends together thread them up through spacer, through bottom of link, then back through spacer. Adjust all so strands are centered on link to form a tassel.
  17. Pick up longhorn charm dangle. Open loop at top and attach to bottom of chain. Close loop. Repeat to attach remaining charms where desired along chain.
  18. Trim lace tassel as desired.
  19. Open pinch bail wide enough to fit over seed beads at center of necklace, then place hole at top of leather shape and the landscape link onto rear peg of bail. Pinch bail closed securely.