Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 1    Grooved Bead    (94-5505-12)
  • 1    Tree Charm    (94-2454-12)
  • 2    Nugget Spacer, LH    (93-0449-40)
  • 1    8mm Gemstone Bead w/2.5mm hole (Serpentine* shown)
  • 20”    2mm Leather Cord (Natural Black shown)

* Serpentine: believed to assist in the retrieval of wisdom, bringing strength, peace and longevity.


  • scissors
  • Optional: super glue or jewelry adhesive
  • Optional: awl or sharp nose tweezers

Skill Level: Easy Peasy

Finished Size: Approx. 6-9”

Watch our "How to Make TierraCast's Mantra Bracelets" project video


Tip: Before beginning lightly stretch cord by grasping each end and pulling gently. This will minimize stretching later.


  1. Tie one overhand knot approximately at center of cord.
  2. String on one spacer bead, gemstone bead, second spacer bead, and charm. Slide all to knot.
  3. Tie second overhand knot next to charm.
  4. Use scissors to trim cord ends at sharp angles (to facilitate threading through Grooved Bead).
  5. String Grooved Bead onto one end of cord.
  6. Thread other end of cord through bead from opposite side. (Fig 1) (If you have trouble getting cord through try pushing with awl or sharp nosed tweezers.)
  7. Pull ends to adjust loop to size that will just fit over hand.
  8. Tie overhand knot in one cord end next to bead. Repeat on other side. (Fig 2)
  9. Adjust placement of beads and knots at center of bracelet if necessary, then tighten all knots and trim excess cord. (Optional: apply adhesive to knots for added security.)
  10. To loosen bracelet pull cords until knots are next to bead. To tighten bracelet pull knots away from bead.

Download the Wisdom Bracelet PDF