Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 1    Poppy 1" Bezel    (94-2580-27)
  • 1    Jardin Large Pinch Bail    (94-5808-27)
  • 10    Botanical Bead    (94-5828-27)
  • 15    Woodland Spacer Bead    (94-5649-27)
  • 1    Jardin Clasp    (94-6226-27)
  • 2    Crimp Bead 2x2mm    (01-0030-27)
  • 2    Crimp Cover 3mm    (01-0032-27)
  • 3    Oval Jump Ring 18ga 4x3mm ID    (01-0018-27)
  • 28"    Assorted Large Gemstone and Wood Beads  
  • Polymer Clay in assorted colors 
  • Beading Wire, medium to heavy


  • chain nose pliers (2)
  • crimping pliers
  • wire cutters
  • polymer clay tools and craft oven
  • large necklace beading board (optional)

Skill Level: Intermediate (Polymer Clay experience required)

Finished Size: Approx. 32"

Designers: Pendant - Tanya Duarte. Necklace - Tracy Proctor

Watch Tanya create her fox pendant: Woodland Fox Polymer Clay Pendant

Download the Woodland Fox Necklace PDF

Watch our technique videos TierraCast Blog (look for Crimping and Jump Rings).

Tip: These 1" bezels are great for polymer clay applications. Also try resin creations or a 25mm round gemstone cabochon.



  1. Follow polymer clay instructions to create a design in the bezel. Bake as directed.
  2. Close 2 jump rings securely. Set aside.
  3. On work surface or beading board arrange approximately 30" of gemstone, wood, Botanical beads and Woodland spacer beads as desired. At center place 3 spacer beads together to create space for the pinch bail.
  4. Cut 32" of beading wire. String on 1 crimp bead, then thread end through 1 closed jump ring and back through crimp bead about 1". Adjust tail and crimp bead to create an approximately 1/8" loop. Secure with crimping pliers.
  5. String all beads, covering tail if possible. (*If bead holes are too small, make sure crimp bead is secure then carefully trim tail close to crimp bead.)
  6. At end of beaded strand string second crimp bead.
  7. Thread end of beading wire through 1 closed jump ring, then back through crimp bead. Adjust crimp bead and wire to create a loop as in Step 4, being sure to take up excess slack in the bead strand but allowing enough looseness for the necklace to curve as needed. Thread tail back through a few beads if possible*. Secure with crimping pliers. Trim excess wire if necessary.
  8. Use front notch of crimping pliers to attach crimp covers over crimp beads.
  9. At one end of necklace open jump ring and attach clasp ring. Close jump ring.
  10. Open 3rd jump ring and attach to jump ring at other end of necklace. Before closing attach clasp bar. Close jump ring. 
  11. Insert tips of chain nose plier jaws inside pinch bail and spread them open to widen the bail opening. Place pinch bail over the 3 spacers at the center of necklace. Place loop of pendant over peg, then pinch the bail closed securely.