Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 1    Tapered Bali Clasp    (94-6088-12)
  • 2    Marrakesh Crimp End    (94-3229-12)
  • 4    Turkish Euro Bead    (94-5756-12)
  • 3    Oval Jump Ring 20 Gauge, 4x3mm ID    (01-0018-01)
  • 18”    Braided Cotton Bolo 4mm cord (LCU) (Sea Foam & Lt Grey shown)
  • 24”    Silk ribbon
  • 24 Gauge craft wire
  • E6000 or preferred jewelry adhesive  


  • chain nose pliers
  • flat nose or nylon jawed pliers
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • toothpick

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: Variable

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Boho EuroBead Bracelet PDF

Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for Jump Rings).

Tip: If needed, widen the opening of the crimp ends by inserting the tips of your chain nose pliers inside and opening the jaws.



  1. Determine desired length of bracelet. Allowing 1 ¾” for clasp assembly cut three equal lengths of cord. For example – for a 7 ½” bracelet cut three 5 ¾” pieces. For an 8” bracelet cut three 6 ¼” pieces. Set aside.
  2. Cut seven 5” pieces of wire. Set aside.
  3. Cut seven 3” pieces of ribbon. Set aside.
  4. Outer cords: Pick up one cord and string on one Euro Bead, positioning it at the center.
  5. Pick up one piece of ribbon and one piece of wire. Position one end of the ribbon next to one side of the bead and wrap the wire around it a couple of times to secure it in place. Continue wrapping wire and ribbon together organically, using the wire to overlap and criss-cross as desired, to create an embellishment about 1” long. Secure ribbon with a couple wraps of wire at end, then trim excess. Use chain nose pliers to tuck wire end into cord.
  6. Repeat Step 5 on other side of bead.
  7. Repeat Steps 4-6 with second cord.
  8. Center cord: Repeat Step 5 at center of third cord.
  9. String two Euro Beads onto third cord, one on each end of the embellishment.
  10. Repeat Step 5 on the outside of each bead.
  11. Align the three cords – center cord between outer cords.
  12. Use a toothpick to apply adhesive to surface area inside one crimp end. Insert the cord ends at one side of bracelet into the crimp end, then use flat nose or nylon jaw pliers to gently close crimp end onto cords. Use tips of chain nose pliers to tuck the edges of the outer cords in if necessary.
  13. Repeat Step 12 at other side of bracelet and allow to dry.
  14. Open one jump ring and attach clasp ring at one side of bracelet. Close jump ring.
  15. Open one jump ring and attach to clasp bar. Close jump ring. Open final jump ring and attach to jump ring just placed, then attach to other end of bracelet. Close jump ring.