Design Instructions


Supplies Needed

  • 1   Celtic Open Heart Pendant   (94-2390-12)
  • 1   Celtic S Hook   (94-6032-12)
  • 5   6mm Jump Ring, 19g   (01-0025-01)
  • 30”   2mm knotting cord, blue
  • 30”   2mm knotting cord, brown


  • scissors
  • chain or flat nose pliers (2)
  • super glue
  • straight pins (2)
  • beading mat

Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Size: Approx. 20 inches

Designer: Tracy Gonzales

Download the Celtic Heart Necklace PDF


Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for Jump Rings). 


  1. Double Coin Knot - Center loop: Hold two cords together at center and pin near bottom of beading mat. Bring ends up and cross left strand over right to make a large loop. Right strands are A. Left strands are B. (Fig 1) ch-fig1.jpg
  2. Right loop: Pick up A and make a clockwise loop that lies over B and comes back to cross over itself. Pin loop down. (Fig 2) ch-fig2.jpg
  3. Left loop: Pick up B and make a counterclockwise loop, weaving over tail A, under left side of center loop, over lower strand of right loop, under right side of center loop, and over upper strand of right loop. (Fig 3) ch-fig3.jpg
  4. Unpin. Begin to tighten knot by pulling A and B away from each other to close center loop, then by pulling tails. Continue to adjust until knot is snug but not tight. (Fig 4) ch-fig4.jpg
  5. Necklace - Attach two jumprings to center loop of knot. Before closing jumprings attach pendant.
  6. Attach one closed jumpring to one side of hook and pinch closed to secure. Thread cord ends at one end of necklace through the jumpring and secure with overhand knot.
  7. Repeat Step 6 on other side, using second jumpring in place of hook.
  8. Apply a small amount of glue into knots, allow to dry, and trim excess cord.