Design Instructions


Supplies needed

  • 2    French Hook Niobium Ear Wire w/2mm bead, Copper    (90-5128-11)
  • 2    Celestial Brilliance Pendant with Crystal    (94-6843-04) OR
  • 2    Oval Scroll 14x10mm Bezel Pendant *   (94-2575-18)
  • 12    Nugget Large Hole Spacer    (93-0449-18)
  • 8    Head Pin 2” 21ga    (01-0028-08)
  • 2    Round Jump Ring 18ga 8mm ID    (01-0026-18)
  • 4    Antique Style Octagonal Czech Bead 6mm, Silver: Alexandrite
  • 4    Antique Style Octagonal Czech Bead 8mm, Cobalt
  • 2    Oval 14x10mm European Crystal or Gemstone Cabuchon in choice of color * (if using 94-2575 Oval Scroll Bezel)
  • 16"    2mm Round Leather Cord, Brown


  • chain nose pliers (2)
  • round nose pliers
  • flush cutters
  • scissors or leather snips
  • super glue for knots
  • * E6000 Adhesive or two part epoxy for bezels and stones

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: Approx. 3"

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Galaxy Earrings PDF

Watch the Demo Video: Galaxy Earrings

Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for Jump Rings and Simple Loops).

Tip: This design uses a "Leather Infinity Loop" technique we first learned from the JewelryTutorialHQ YouTube channel. Look for her "Leather Jewelry Tutorial - DIY Infinity Loops" video!


  1. If using Oval Scroll Bezels with crystal stones or gemstone cabuchons instead of pre-glued Celestial Brilliance Pendants follow adhesive instructions to secure stones into bezels and allow to dry.
  2. String one bead onto one head pin. Protecting top of bead bend wire over at right angle. Trim wire to approximately 1/2" and use round nose pliers to form a simple loop. Repeat with remaining beads and head pins. Set aside.
  3. Open one round jump ring and attach to top of oval bezel pendant. Close jump ring. Repeat with second jump ring and pendant.
  4. Cut cord into two 8" pieces.
  5. Pick up one cord and string on *one spacer, one 6mm bead dangle, one spacer, one 8mm bead dangle*, and one pendant. String one spacer, then repeat * through * in reverse order.
  6. Curve cord ends up so that one end is about 1" longer than the other. Bend the shorter end down towards the center about 1". (Fig 1)
  7. Wrap the longer end around the folded shorter end to form an overhand knot, aiming the tail up. (Fig 2)
  8. Adjust all loops to desired size, then grasp end of knotted cord with chain nose pliers and pull firmly to tighten. Repeat to make sure knot is secure.
  9. Apply small amounts of super glue to all inner areas of knot and allow to dry.
  10. Use scissors or leather snips to trim cord ends close to knot. 
  11. Open loop of one ear wire and attach at top of earring.
  12. Repeat Steps 5-11 for second earring.