Design Instructions


 Supplies needed

  • 1    Temple 3 Loop Magnetic Clasp    (94-6253-26)
  • Size 11 Cylinder Seed Beads, dark red A (Miyuki Delica Duracoat Op. Jujube DB2119 shown)
  • Size 11 Cylinder Seed Beads, off-white B(Miyuki Delica Op. Glazed Moth Wing Matte DB2301 shown)
  • Size 11 Cylinder Seed Beads, light yellow C (Miyuki Op. Glazed Citron Matte DB2302 shown)*
  • Size 11 Cylinder Seed Beads, seafoam D (Miyuki Delica Op. Glazed Sea Opal Matte DB2313 shown)
  • Size 15 Round Seed Beads, dark red (Miyuki Duracoat Mahogany D4470 shown)
  • Size 15 Round Seed Beads, seafoam (Dk Mint Metal Matte F463N shown)
  • Size 11 Round Seed Beads, seafoam (Dk Mint Metal Matte F463N shown)
  • Beading thread


  • beading needle
  • thread snips or sharp scissors
  • thread burner (optional)

Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Size: Approx. 6 1/2"

Designer: Kara Koszhanova (

Variation by: Tracy Proctor

Watch Kara's Demo Video: Victorian Gate Bracelet Tutorial

Download the Kara's Bracelet Peyote Pattern & Chart

Tips: This project uses Peyote Stitch and Netting and assumes some seed bead experience. Departures are made from Kara's tutorial when adding the Temple clasp. Option: Instead of the off-white (B) and yellow (C) cylinder beads choose a single off-white color for this part of the pattern.


  1. Download the Peyote bead pattern and watch Kara's tutorial video for all other instructions. See Step 4 for clasp notes.
  2. Sizing Tips: For a 6 1/2" bracelet make all netting sections the same size with 3 rows of netting. For an approximately 6" bracelet reduce the two outermost netting sections by 1 row of netting each.
  3. For a longer bracelet try expanding the peyote sections with 1 row of diamonds. Each additional row will add approx. 3/8" of length, so expanding the center peyote section will add approximately 3/8" to overall length and expanding all 3 sections will add slightly over 1".
  4. Clasp: To add the clasp replace the outermost size 11 beads with the loops of 1 of the clasp components. Be sure and attach the second component at the other end facing the opposite way so the magnets will meet when closed. Small size adjustment can also be made here by reducing the number of size 15 beads on the final bit of netting next to the clasp loops as seen in Kara's video.