Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 2    French Hook Ear Wire with 2mm Bead    (90-3120-10)
  • 2    Lotus Petal Charm    (94-2536-26)
  • 2    Charm Keeper Hoop 20mm Inside Diameter 17 Gauge    (01-0400-25)
  • 28    4x6mm Czech glass faceted rondelle beads
  • 24ga craft wire


  • chain nose pliers
  • flush cutters

Skill Level: Easy 

Finished Size: Approx. 2”

Designer: Tracy Proctor


  1. Anchor a 10” length of 24ga wire to the top of one hoop by wrapping it snugly twice next to the neck. Leave a short tail so you can hold the wire as you wrap.
  2. Lash on the beads by stringing on one Czech glass bead and sliding it down the wire so the bead sits right on the hoop. Wrap the wire again twice around the hoop right next to the bead.
  3. String on a second bead, slide it down the wire to the hoop and wrap the wire snugly twice around the hoop. Repeat five more times until you reach the bottom of the hoop.
  4. With the wire extending down from the bottom of the hoop, string on a Lotus Charm. Bring the wire up and around the hoop so the charm dangles from the bottom of the hoop.
  5. Wrap the wire twice around the hoop again and add another bead. Continue lashing on the rest of the glass beads until you reach the top of the earring.
  6. Finish lashing by wrapping the wire snugly twice around the hoop right next to the neck. Trim both tails and pinch the tails against the hoop with chain nose pliers.
  7. Open the loop at the bottom of the ear wire and string on the loop at the top of the hoop. Close the loop.
  8. Repeat Steps 1 – 7 for the second earring

Download the Lotus Petal Earrings PDF