Design Instructions



Supplies needed

  • 3    Leaf 1/2" Bezel    (94-2581-18)
  • 1    Thistle Charm    (94-2579-18)
  • 1    Hammered Spacer Bail    (94-5816-18)
  • 12    Woodland Spacer Bead    (94-5649-18)
  • 6    Turkish 4.5mm Spacer Bead    (93-0425-18)
  • 1    Floral Clasp    (94-6196-18)
  • 3    Crimp 2x2mm Bead    (01-0030-18)
  • 7    Oval Jump Ring 4x3mm ID    (01-0018-18)
  • 6    Gemstone Round 10mm Bead     (Green Garnet shown)
  • 4-5    Large Gemstone Beads    (Amethyst and Carnelian shown)
  • 3    Large Wooden Beads
  • Soft Flex Colored Beading Wire, medium    (Copper shown)
  • Iced Enamels German Glass Glitter, Judikins Roxs or similar
  • UV Resin or Judikins Diamond Glaze (or similar)
  • Tissues


  • chain and/or flat nose pliers
  • crimping pliers
  • wire cutters
  • triangle bead scoop
  • pin or toothpick
  • UV lamp if using UV resin
  • beading board (optional)
  • bead stoppers (optional)

Skill Level: Beginning-intermediate

Finished Size: 9" as shown

Designer: Tracy Proctor

Download the Thistle Bracelet PDF

See our helpful Faux-druzy Pinterest tutorial here.

Watch our technique videos on the TierraCast Blog (look for Crimping and Jump Rings)


Tip: Glass glitter is glass. Use care when handling. Allow extra bracelet length when using chunky beads!*



  1. Apply ¼” drop of glaze or UV resin into bottom of 1 bezel.
  2. Use pin or toothpick to spread around bottom.
  3. Use scoop to apply small amount of glitter into bezel.
  4. Use pin or toothpick to spread and arrange glitter as desired.
  5. Apply more glaze and/or glitter sparingly if needed.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 with 1 more bezel and allow glaze/resin to cure per product instructions. Leave 3rd bezel empty.
  7. Arrange 7" to 8" of beads and spacers as desired, alternating larger wood and gemstone beads with 10mm round beads. Position bail at center, and finish at each end with a Woodland spacer bead. Determine where the 2 faux-druzy bezels will hang and place 2 spacer beads next to each other in those places.
  8. Cut 24" of beading wire. 
  9. Attach 1 jump ring to clasp ring loop and close securely.
  10. Thread beading wire through jump ring and pull to center, then thread both ends through 1 crimp bead. Slide crimp bead down to jump ring to create an approx. 1/8" loop, then secure with crimping pliers.
  11. Begin stringing beads onto both wires. When you come to the first 10mm bead string onto only 1 wire, wrapping the second wire around the outside of the bead. Continue stringing onto both wires until next 10mm bead. Continue pattern until all beads are strung. 
  12. String 1 crimp bead onto each wire. Place bead stoppers onto wire ends. (Optional) 
  13. Open 1 jump ring and attach 1 faux-druzy bezel in it's place between two spacers. Close jump ring. Repeat with second bezel. 
  14. Open 1 jump ring and attach to bail at center. Before closing attach 3rd bezel, back facing forward, then thistle charm. Close jump ring.
  15. Close 1 jump ring securely.
  16. Thread 1 wire end through jump ring from Step 15 then back through crimp bead and a few adjacent beads if possible. Adjust to form approx. 1/8" loop, taking up slack in bead strand but not too tightly. (Allow room for bead strand to curve as needed.)
  17. Secure with crimping pliers.
  18. Repeat Steps 16-17 with second wire. Trim wire tails as needed.
  19. Open 1 jump ring and attach to jump ring from Step 15. Before closing attach clasp bar. Close jump ring. (Optional: use 1 more jump ring if extra length is needed.)