Stitch-In Links and Magnetic Clasps ~

With the huge popularity of seed beads and shaped beads it came to our attention a few years ago that there was a need for easy-to-use and attractive ending components for beadwork designs. Our product development team took the concept on enthusiastically! The result to start was the pretty two-sided Oasis Stitch-in Link and the gorgeous Temple Stitch-in Magnetic Clasp. Both were created with great love and care! The bead-style loops are designed to be stitched to the beadwork as part of the pattern, providing a secure ending and nicely hidden beading thread. The loops are 6mm apart to allow for use with a wide variety of bead sizes and types. We are happy to say that these innovative parts have been so popular that we've since added to this group. Read on for all the details!

Oasis Stitch-in Link - two sided for versatility!

Hammertone Stitch-in Link - beautifully neutral!

Temple Stitch-in Magnetic Clasps, 2 Loop and 3 Loop - tested and secure hold!

Hammertone Stitch-in Magnetic Clasps, 2 Loop and 3 Loop - tested and secure hold!

The possibilities working with these parts were truly inspiring!

We tested them with numerous styles of beads: CzechMates of all shapes, DiamonDuos and GemDuos, Tilas and Half-Tilas, size 8 and size 11 seed beads, and more.

Check out our Stitch-in demo and project video!

Yours in jewelry making adventure,


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